What is love?
LOVE is a gift from God.
because He is Most Merciful .
there will be no other love that can replace His love to us human .
yet , human still do wrong and awful thing .
but still , Allah love us every moment .
even we forget about Him.

I am a failure in love matter 
human love matter .
but still . I wanted to talk about love .
to you out there . 
if you have your own love one .
take a very good care of it .
because once it gone .
you will be regret it forever .
even you found a new love .
It will never be the same .

but, still, we don't need reason to love and to be loved right?
if you truly love the person , 
you will accept the weakness of your love one 
no matter what they done to you 

Means everything

yes . I am failure .
love never fail .
human fail to love.
but that doesn't mean that you should to!
wake up! 
love are everywhere
no matter you are fat , thin, skinny, dark, fair etc.
chances are everywhere .
don't seek for love
be a lovable person.
yes . implement your surrounding inside your life
and give it a shot 
you will not know what you will gain
unless you try it.
am I right?

for lovers out there
love your love one fully
life is short
love, love and love  
happy love hour.

lots of love and prayer from me
to all the readers
and you ^_^

sumber gambar encik Google . hehehe


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