entah . cuba . jaya .

Lesson no 1: I'll learn to control my anger.

Lesson no 2: You and I are two different person with two different way of thinking.

Lesson no 3: be confident.

Lesson no 4: i'm wrong if I've done wrong. accept it!

Lesson no 5: don't try to be extraordinary if you're just an ordinary person. accept it!

Lesson no 6: if you've made a promise. deal with it!

Lesson no 7: don't run away from mistake you've done.

Lesson no 8: bad memories will always be at your back. don't let it come foward. or you will suffer.

Lesson no 9: we are not machine. we don't have random access memory that can always been reset.

Lesson no 10: he/she is not gonna tell you straightaway what she/he wants. so, be alert!

Lesson no 11: suit up!

Lesson no 12: Don't be a fans of one band/musician/TV series because of your partner. Let yours remain as yours, and her/his remain as his/her.(but the songs suit my soul)

Lesson no 13: don't make too many excuses.

Lesson no 14: positive!

Lesson no 15: quote "If you love someone, let her/him go," is bullshit.

Lesson no 16: trust.

Lesson no 17: Get a car!

Lesson no 18: Lesson no 17 is bullshit!


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