. What myself say .

Do you wanna know ?
Myself say, I miss him .
No matter what happen .
It just did .
I don't know what else to do .
How can that feel disappear easily inside him .
And why is that my feeling towards him become stronger each day.
I try my best , trying to eliminate all the sweet , sorrow , love , and beautiful time with him .
I try not to think , remember, but it came , like a river flow .
Calmly , one by one . yeah . I'm helpless .
I don't know how much longer I can bear this situation .
I always pray to Allah , to show me the right path .
The right path do make a decision ,
The right path to be in love ,
The right path to a true and meaningful life ,
The right path to the right guy .
The right path to straightened my heart .
I wish I am stronger .
Why must HOPE exist ?
I learn that , mistake , is the only way human learn  .
without it, human only learn the fact , not the truth .
My hope , even though the hope is not for me anymore ,
I hope that , ..... you know what it is right ...
I have try my best , to learn from you .
thank you for changing me for who I am now .
Selamat Hari Raya , Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan ke-54 , selamat maju jaya .
HOPE to ALLAH will naver dissapoint you .
It is just the matter of time .

finn .


  1. InsyaAllah mdh2han dberi kekuatan ya..Allah sentiasa berada disisi dan dekat dengan diri kita..hanya kita yang selalu jauh dari-Nya..=)


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